Università di Pavia


The University of Pavia, one of the oldest universities in Italy and in Europe, worldwide recognized for its excellence, participates in the project with the Faculty of Medicine Science, in its multiple forms, from the classic sciences of mathematics, chemistry, physics and geology, to the new frontiers of biology and biotechnology. At Pavia there is a strong vocation for research, dating from the days of Gerolamo Cardano and Alessandro Volta, who both taught here. This tradition, linked to interdisciplinary programmes such as that of applied maths or IT, characterise courses at the University. Pavia’s ancient tradition in research and treatment and the presence of three university hospitals make the medicine courses unique. The excellence of the medical school Is reflected in the teaching targeted at a global approach to health problems, thanks to the presence of the main medical specialisations. Along with the classic degrees in Medicine and Surgery, new programmes have been introduced in order to form professionals qualified in specific health services. The team involved gained experience in:

Services for elderly

Clinical observations, investigations and intervention

Data collection, methods for data processing and data analysis

Health economics and technology assessment

Environment and relaxation of elderly improvement

Marketing and dissemination of the relevant effects and outcomes

In order to achieve the success the Consortium adopts two main key productive factors:

the innovative-driven approach;

the availability of large retrospective data;

diversity in variety of regions and social groups elderly in Europe