Strategy & Objectives

The main strategy of City4Age is to enhance ICT tools and services that enable smart cities to detect a wide range of data about individuals’ behaviour, in a unobtrusive manner, in order to:
Identify population at risk.
Monitor daily life activities of identified users in a smart environment.
Intervene in case a negative change of behaviour that may lead to a deterioration of their cognitive and/or physical conditions.


In order to fulfill the above strategic objectives, City4Age performs research and innovation work based on the following operational objectives:

  Development of an organized set of models and domain knowledge representations > Measurable result: MR-A Percentage of MCI/Frailty symptoms covered by models.

  Development of an application ecosystem based on smart mobile devices (like phones, watches or other unobtrusive devices) enabling the large scale collection of personal data in home and city environments > Measurable result: MR-B-1 Percentage of indicators covered by the data acquisition system related to the indicators identified in Objective A; MR-B-2 Cost effectiveness of deployed sensor systems in the test beds

  Setting-up a large scale data management system enabling the real time handling of personal data flows in a City cloud > Measurable result: MR-C-1 The number of third-party datasets used in the test beds; MR-C-2 Number of issues from European privacy directives addressed by the privacy preserving mechanisms; MR-C-3 User satisfaction through toolset usage surveys.

  Development of advanced models for the detection of risks relevant for MCI and Frailty > Measurable result: MR-D Precision and recall of developed algorithms for identified health risks in the test beds.

  Development of a general framework for delivering IT-enhanced interventions to counter the detected risks and to foster behaviour change interventions, to be delivered through the Smart City infrastructure, will aim at improving “resilience” at individual, family/community and City level > Measurable result: MR-E Compare the behaviours before and after programmed interventions in the test beds and assess their change using specially designed metrics and expert analysis.

  Test the overall approach and the concrete results in 6 Cities > Measurable result: MR-F Successful deployment and evaluation of City4Age in 6 cities.

  Definition of a general sustainability model for detection and intervention, against the risk of mild cognitive impairments and frailty > Measurable result: MR-F Adaptability of the City4Age solution to other elderly needs in distinct cities.