Municipality of Lecce

Lecce Municipality

The Municipality of Lecce is a local administration regularly involved in administrative activities, that represents the citizens of the community and promotes its development, according to the principle of subsidiarity. The Municipality of Lecce is represented in City4Age by two of its Departments: the sector “Servizi Sociali” - “Social Services”, and the sector “Programmazione Strategica e Comunitaria” - “European Community and Strategic Planning” Department.
As to the “Social Services” Department, its main activities are aimed at the prevention and recovery of child distress, the support and solidarity towards elderly people, the social integration of non-EU immigrants, the promotion of adequate aid for the Roma population, to interventions for people with disabilities, the provision of financial allowances in favour of families or individuals, to interventions at various level for adults in difficulty, to interventions for housing emergency, to services for childhood as well as to promotion of initiatives aimed at achieving social wellness of the community. Through the Office of the Gender Policies, the sector supports, designs, coordinates and cooperates to the implementation of interventions, which have as purpose the rebalancing of gender inequalities, i.e. the promotion of gender mainstreaming.
The “European Community and Strategic Planning” Department, aims to support territorial and local development within the activities carried out by the Municipality of Lecce and therefore pays particular attention to EU policies, through the realization of community, national and regional programs and projects and through the definition of guidelines for political, economic, legislative and social integration within the European Union. It promotes the European dimension, fosters International links and contacts, speeds both the innovation and competitiveness processes of the local systems as Open Data process. Moreover, it projects and carries out local cooperation and develops regional, national and international relationships by promoting town-twinning, partnership agreement, understanding agreement with other cities in order to promote the area of Salento, the strenghtening of co-operations and partnerships, the exchange of information and good practices, to get European funds. For this reason, it has launched a process aimed at increasing the inter-institutional cooperation by building up and enlarging a network and by using synergies with cities in and outside Europe in common areas of interest. The main areas of the above-mentioned Department are the following: Europe 2020 unit; Unitary and Strategic Programming (Lecce Smart City).
The Municipality of Lecce is also active, in particular, in best practice exchanges with European, national, regional and local institutions. For example it has signed many partnership and understanding agreements with European cities and it has participated in networks and collaborations with associations and local, regional national, European administrations, also considering the challenge of the structural funds 2014-2020 2007-2013, which have a considerable impact on urban planning and sustainable urban development.