GeoMobile GmbH is an SME in the area of mobile computing with currently 18 member of staff. Focus of activities is the development of mobile systems (including software and hardware components) for special user groups and for particular application areas, such as leisure, education, culture, health and mobility support. GeoMobile is an internationally recognized research and development partner in the area of mobile asisstive systems.
Trusted by government and industrial customers, GeoMobile implements bespoke system solutions for various mobile platforms with a special focus on usability and accessibility. Participating in large-scale European research projects and combining cutting-edge technology expertise with commercial acumen, GeoMobile exploits innovative research and development into leading products, services and technology. 
GeoMobile develops assistive mobile guides providing navigation, location-based services and multimedia information at the right place and the right time. The position of the users are accurately detected by appropriate positioning technology, where satellite-based systems are used outdoors and radio-based systems (such as Bluetooth Smart) are used within buildings. Position sensitive mobile guides by GeoMobile make visitors independent from predefined tours and allow them to explore the exhibition in a guided discovery mode. They are modularly expandable, offering the right solution for all kinds of application scenario.
GeoMobile implemented and evaluated location-based learning system for people with visual impairments that guide users in a safe corridor. For the German regional authorities GeoMobile developed a comprehensive mobile system solution for urban mobility called ivanto for species conservation.