Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid


Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid is a public institution with the aim to improve the mobility and accessibility in the Madrid Region by the identification of effectiveness and improvement derived from the public efforts made by Madrid Regional Government. Founded in 1985 by Law of Madrid Community Parliament, CRTM is the Madrid public transport authority integrating the whole public transport system in the region, with big public operators, as Metro Madrid (underground), EMT de Madrid (urban buses), Cercanías-Renfe (commuter railway), 31 interurban private bus operators under concession system, and 4 private metro and light rail operators under concession system. CRTM seeks to promote the Public Transport in the region by four main functions: planning transport infrastructures; define fare systems and subsidizes to the different operators; define the operation programs to the different operators; and promote an integrated image of public transport system. CRTM Board represents Madrid Region (5 members), Madrid City Council (5 members), the other 178 Councils in the Region (3 members), National Government (2 members), Trade Unions (2 members), private operators (2 members) and Users Associations (1 member).
CRTM has a very active role in improving accessibility in public transport, by the involvement in the Council for the Promotion of Accessibility and Architectural Barriers Elimination in Madrid Region, or the Accessibility Working Group in EMTA (European Metropolitan Transport Authorities Association).
The Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid gives deep importance and effort to the promotion of an accessible and independent mobility for all the citizens and all the social groups. Elderly people have special and specific needs that require it be identified and addressed, what will be done through the work in the project. But also, as public authority CRTM can influence the awareness and policies on this issue through their participation in different Advisory Boards, associations and forums.
Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid has experience in participating en Euorpean projects for einclusion and ageing, such as the 6th FP project ASK-IT and H2020 IN LIFE project. In ASK-IT they developed an application for public transport support and ran a Pilot site with users with disabilities, and in IN LIFE the CRTM is part of pilot site with elderly users and are responsible for task A4.3. Public Transport support.