Birmingham City Council


Birmingham City Council (BCC) is one of Europe’s largest unitary local authorities, delivering and commissioning a large number of services across the city (for example, social services, economic development, education, housing, transport and waste) to over one million residents representing the most ethnically diverse city in the UK. Its mission is to ‘work together to create a fair, prosperous and democratic city.

The People’s Directorate within Birmingham City Council is responsible for health & wellbeing, social care and public health and as such plays a key role in coordinating activities across different providers and groups of commissioners; The Economic Directorate includes responsibility for transport network, roads and related infrastructure; its vision is to create a transport system which puts the user first and delivers the connectivity that people and businesses require. The aim is to improve people’s daily lives by making travel more accessible, more reliable, safer and healthier and using investment in transport as a catalyst to improve the fabric of our city as well as use the transport system as a way of reducing inequalities across the city by providing better access to jobs, training, healthcare and education as well as removing barriers to mobility.

Birmingham are part of the West Midlands Academic Health Network (WMAHSN), a core partner in EIT Health the new Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) for Healthy and Active Ageing that was selected through a competitive process by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in December 2014. Through EIT Health we will have access to a partnership of over a hundred partners in 10 countries from across Europe including large and small companies, Europe’s best universities and innovative health and care providers. City4Age fits with three of EIT Health’s priorities in terms as follows:

Theme 1: Promote Healthy Living, Business Objective 1.1 Self-management of health
Theme 2: Improve Healthcare, Business Objectives 3.1Improving healthcare systems and 3.2
Treating and managing chronic diseases
Cross-challenge C – Leveraging Enabling Technologies and Exploiting Big Data

We will utilise our membership of this elite consortium to disseminate the findings of the project and, where appropriate, explore the potential to access EIT Health’s innovation and business creation infrastructure including funding through the “Innovation Projects by Design 'Innovation Projects by Ideas' Accelerator” programmes to exploit the outputs of the project commercially.